PSALM UPMin's What is love to you?

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Love makes the world a better place. Sad thing is that its oftentimes misused and people has reduced its meaning. One cannot define it without having the One who authored LOVE Itself. Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement Inc.- Davao City District, UP Mindanao Campus

A Statement Regarding The 2014 PINILIAY COVERAGE

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On behalf of the Himati editorial board and staff:

We would like to apologize for errors in the election coverage, i.e. during the Mudslinging Debate last February 27, 2014. Some of the statements made by the candidates as reported by the elections coverage team were imprecise, or on point but made unclear because of lack of context. We have studied which reported statements were such and have a concluded that these were more frequent than is acceptable. We deeply apologize to all candidates, parties, and students, for lack of supervision over the assigned coverage team. We will be reviewing our documentation footage and will be releasing a more accurate summary of the debate as quickly as possible.

We would also like to reiterate our non-partisanship during the elections coverage. We have oriented and followed strict guidelines to uphold fair reporting. The members of the staff have painstakingly taken all necessary measures, from a total ban of elections-related posts outside the coverage, to even small details such as refraining from wearing party-related colors. We have also asked all parties and candidates not to include our staff in tags of campaign posters and the like on Facebook. We appreciate comments and suggestions that will help us uphold this aim, but would like to refute any subjective conclusions without factual basis on the conduct of our bias. Our bias is for the students, and not political agenda or personal interest. Our goal is an informed and critical student body equipped for the elections.

And finally, as the student publication is made up of opinion leaders just as well as the councils are made up of student leaders, we call for clean and informed elections that will protect and advance the role and character of the University of the Philippines Mindanao. Let us step back from sensationalizing and nitpicking, assess the needs of our university, and seek the most sincere and most able of our candidates to serve us in the coming term. We look forward to a 100% voter turnout this year.

For the students and for the people,

Kit Iris L. Frias
Editor-in-Chief, Himati
March 2, 2014


ISKONEKSYON: Episode 03 - UPMin Anniversary (Week 3)

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ISKONEKSYON is a news program produced by Handuraw Productions, Media Arts 122 (TV/Video Production) students of UP Mindanao's BA Communication Arts program.

Program Director: Kakai Anggadol
Technical Head: Kimberly Bontanon
Head Editors: Sam Sanchez and Kissel Cablayda
Anchors: Aladin Humilde, Bobbie Bote, Anne Eliseo
Reporters: Kit Frias, Claire Suerte, Guia Hidalgo, Kym Bontanon
Researchers/Writers: Princess Molinos, Jetka Rosos, Alexis Almasco, Flor Palma, Mel Sanita
Videographers: Sarah Fuentes, Joya Araño, Anne Eliseo, Quincy Feliscuzo
Executive Producer/Instructor: Mr. Doyle Felix Abrio


ALAGAD ni OBLE - The 15th year Reunion Gig

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UP Mindanao's Pioneering Rock Band (formed in 1998) returns to its roots to pay tribute to the Pioneering Pinoy Alternative Rock bands such as the Eraserheads, Rivermaya & many more!

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Talks with Dr. Carlos Mariano Oropeza Salin

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Dr. Carlos Mariano Oropeza Salin, Head of Biotechnology of the Centro de Investigacion de Yucatan (CICY) in Merida, Mexico was in UP Mindanao on February 19-20, 2014. With him were Dr. Ponciano A. Batugal, Chair of the Coconut and Palm Oil Industry Cluster of the DOST-PCAARRD, Dr. Edna E. Anit, Asst. Director of CRD, Dr. Reynaldo V. Ebora, Director of the UPLB-Biotech, Dr. Cristeta A. Cueto, OIC of the PCA-ARC, Dr. Liberty H. Canja, OIC of the PCA-DRC, and Mr. Ramon L. Rivera, Division Chief of the PCA-ZRC. They were received by Chancellor Sylvia Concepcion, Dean Annabelle Novero, Joan Acaso, Grace Delima, and Mitchiko Lopez. The subject of discussion were the prospects for re-invigorating the coconut industry through in-vitro culture (somatic embyogenesis) and strengthening agricultural biotechnology laboratories using advanced cost-cutting methods and products.